Mirco Patarini is the Artistic Director of Strumenti & Musica Recording Studio


This is an audio production studio consists of two rooms (directing room and recording room 1) and a recording cabin (recording room 2), acoustically isolated from each other and from the surrounding environment.

The directing room is designed according to the “not-environment”standard that means solid front and floor, ceiling and back particularly absorbent for low frequencies. In the rear wall, drowned in absorbent acoustic treatment, there is also a very effective diffusor (skyline) for medium and high frequencies, aim to obtain a uniform sound field throughout the room and make it usable not only as a directing room, but also as a recording room. For the acoustic treatment they have been used elements and materials, including some from the tradition, such as stone, typical houses of Umbria and of course wood.

The recording room has a very low reverberation in order to allow to work in post-production, but is acoustically neutral: presents a series of absorber/diffusor slats made of wood to restore brilliance and naturalness to the timbre of the instruments.                                

The recording room is a certificated cabin by BOXYLAB company (leading company in this field), particularly suited for recording voices.